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OP Results 2013

Congratulations to the graduation class of 2013 on their OP results.  There were 81 students in this cohort, with 61 students being OP eligible.  There were 12 students ranked in the OP 1 – 5 range (19.67% of our student cohort), 27 students were ranked in the OP range 1 – 10 (44.26% of our student cohort) and 45 students (73.77%) achieved in the 1 – 15 range.  Congratulations to Ben Quinn, who achieved an OP 1.

Top marks for Chanel College as OP results are revealed
(extract from Gladstone Observer 18 December 2013)

High school students across Queensland have laboured throughout the year, and now they have received their final grades.
In our region, Chanel College principal Sharon Volp said she was extremely proud of the school's graduating cohort's final results. "I was delighted to hear that 20% of the year had achieved OP grading from one to five," she said. "It is well deserved and a testament to how hard all the students have worked throughout the years."
Receiving an OP1, Ben Quinn achieved the highest result from Chanel College.

According to mother Sonya, the result was no less than he deserved. "He has grown into a genuinely amazing young man," she said. "His sister and I are extremely proud of him."
Although the teen has plans to study a double degree involving arts alongside law or business while furthering his history studies, Ben is taking some time off to contemplate his next move.
(extract from Gladstone Observer 18 December 2013)

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal - December 2013

xmasThe College has been abuzz with the spirit of giving with the overwhelming support for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. Thank you to all members of the College community for your generosity and thank you to Marcellin and Futuna for coordinating the appeal. A special thank you to Mrs Ryan-Salter who has done a huge amount of work behind the scenes. I think that we have really made a difference for some families in our community this Christmas.



Year 12 Presentation Assembly - 15 November 2013

On Friday we had a lovely day of celebration as we farewelled the Class of 2013. There were a number of special awards that were presented during the day.
Congratulations to the following Year 12 students:
Sisters of Mercy Leadership Award - Mariahne Skelhorn and Cooper Bradley Woods.
Bishop's Award – Shauna Mulhern
Student Proficiency Award – Jack Smith

Certificates of appreciation were also provided to the students who have assisted in the Tuckshop throughout the year. Thank you to the following students:
Vanessa Bartholomew
Elizabeth Bishop
Louisa Fewtrell
Kaitlin Fish
Georgia Fry
Annabel Hofstee
Nicholas Johnson
Beth Jones
Shauna Mulhern
Mariahne Skelhorn
Jack Smith
Mercedes Ash
Kane Langdon
Thomas McCarthy
Nicola Richards
Jeffrey Sieminski
Anke Bezuidenhout
Daniel Larose
Connor Mulhern

Certificates of appreciation were also presented to the volunteers who assist with the Buddies Day Program. These were presented by Mrs Ann Mills, on behalf of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Anke Bezuidenhout
Cooper Bradley Woods
Sarah Coleman
Benjamin Dansie
Jacques Fermier
Diane Gracias
Savana Kennedy
Kane Langdon
Brittany Mann
Stevan Markovic
Thomas McCarthy
Michael Pacheco
Nicola Richards
Mariahne Skelhorn
Kelsey Smith
Tayla Taranto
Remi Whelan

houseThe Champion House competition aims to promote student enthusiasm for School and House activities and engender both spirit and pride. Students were awarded points for a number of activities, including:
Pastoral (wearing of House shirts on Mondays, perfect attendance at school, cleanliness of Pastoral Care Rooms)
Spiritual (Buddies Days, participation in the many justice activities that are promoted, attendance at S0S Masses), Cultural (Spelling Competition, member of the Band, Choir or Drumline, public speaking, Chess competition) Sporting (representing Chanel, Port Curtis, Capricornia or Qld in one or more of the many sporting competitions).


houseThe House Person of the Year is an award that was established in 2010 to recognise a student from each House who reflects what it means to be a Chanel student and a member of their respective House. The recipients of this award are honoured with their names engraved on the Honour Boards in the Marian Centre.


















Marcellin House News - 14 November 2013

turtleLast Thursday, myself and 5 other lucky students, Kelsey Smith, Jake Mackay, Becky Leyden, Ellie Tregaskis and Connor Kenny, got the opportunity to visit the Quoin Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. The six of us got this reward following our nomination for House Person of the Year in Marcellin. Mrs Ryan-Salter accompanied us on our voyage across the Harbour on the Quoin II for what would turn out to be a very fulfilling morning. We arrived at the centre to be met by both some beautiful and some sad sights. There was a healthy baby loggerhead, a rehabilitated green sea turtle “Billie” who we later released back into the wild. There were also some very injured turtles. One turtle had been hit by a boat, its' back leg was paralysed never to swim properly again. But this was only the beginning, time to get down to business.
Every morning at the centre the pool requires cleaning. We scrubbed algae from the pool edges, avoiding the turtles at every turn until it was squeaky clean. Then it was time to feed. Each turtle requires to be fed 5% of their body weight each day which means if one turtle steals another's food the feeders would have to swap one squid for each that was stolen. This was quite a task considering that one turtle required 2.2kg of squid.
We were especially lucky to be able to experience a remarkable scene, the release of a rehabilitated turtle. It was carried over to the far side of the Island where we observed the release. It was a beautiful sight to watch the turtle make its' own way back out to sea. Following this we spent some more time working with the volunteers doing the daily tasks that required completion.
This experience opened my eyes to the impact that harbour traffic has had on the turtles but also the dangers they face at birth. I would like to extend my thanks to both Mrs Ryan-Salter and the people at the Centre for this brilliant opportunity and would highly recommend to anyone that is interested in volunteering to become involved as it is an amazing feeling to make a difference.
By Morgan Lewis M5

Remembrance Day 11 November 2013






On Monday 11 November our College Captains, Cooper and Mariahne, aided by a group of Army and Navy Cadets (all Chanel College Students), led a very reflective Remembrance Day Ceremony.

Co-curricular Awards 11 November 2013

awardsOn Monday 11 November we recognised and congratulated the Chanel students who have been involved in the various co-curricular aspects of the College. In 2013 these activities have included: Public Speaking, Golding Showcase, Chanel's Got Talent, Spelling Challenj, Boomtown, Woodwind Ensemble, Concert Band, Drumline and Choir.
It was wonderful to enjoy the musical talents of our students as they showcased some of their pieces from throughout the year. The Drumline provided a fantastic atmosphere when entering the Marian Centre as they performed a piece created by Jess Ahrens “New Threads”. The Choir sang a haunting rendition of “One Day More” from Les Misérables which was beautifully accompanied by Ms Sue Podger on the piano. The Concert Band played a stirring rendition of “Rolling in the Deep”, and the Woodwind Ensemble played the melodic tune, “Faith”. It has been a joy to witness the development of these groups throughout the year. Thank you to all members for your commitment to the ensembles.

Congratulations to the following students for their contributions during 2013:

Most Valuable Female Choir Member – Maia Van Duin
Most Valuable Male Choir Member – Peter Jarzebak
Vocal Encouragement Award – Jade Webb
Woodwind Ensemble Most Valuable Musician – Brittany Mann
Concert Band Most Valuable Member – Jess Ahrens
Concert Band Most Valuable Brass Player – Gabrielle King
Concert Band Most Valuable Woodwind Player – Brittany Mann
Concert Band Most Valuable Percussionist – Jess Ahrens
Drumline Most Valuable Musician – Jess Ahrens
Most Improved Musician – Liam McCarthy and Conor Howland
Instrumental Music Encouragement Award – Paris Whelan and Mikele Vaiente
Most Entertaining Musician – Kelsey Smith
GISMA Music for Life Award – Conor Howland
Extraordinary Contribution to Music – Jess Ahrens
Public Speaker of the Year – Shauna Mulhern
Goldings Showcase “People's Choice Award” – Jakob Perrett
Chanel's Got Talent Winner – Elleana Gonzalez
Spelling Challenj Winner – Jeffrey Sieminski
Spelling Challenj Runner Up – Toby Guinea

Science Challenge 2013

scienceThis was a fun experience and there were a number of interesting projects that were assigned to each team. All of the projects required initiative, great teamwork, and of course, interest for Mathematics and Science. This event allowed the participants to meet the experienced people from the Science field, and had the opportunity to learn from them, from a workplace perspective.
The Science Challenge also organised guest speakers from various companies and organisations such as Aerocon, QGC and Central Queensland University. It has provided beneficial information in terms of considering a career in the Science field, as well as increasing awareness about the impact that was caused by the human activity towards the environment.
The involved teams included the Sustainable Solutions team, which had the objective to plan a sustainable house that was suitable for the Gladstone area. Simple as it sounds, it relied heavily on the geographical knowledge of the Gladstone area, apart from the Science and Maths skills. There were many environmental factors that had to be taken into consideration, such as the weather, Sun, and wind direction, to plan a perfect sustainable house. These factors were investigated in a theoretical perspective using mathematical calculations. In a time lapse of three days, the team was able to produce a great outcome, with the agreed materials for the house construction, the plan of the house, as well as a presentation for the conclusion of the Science Challenge to summarise their experience working as a group.
Overall, the Science Challenge was a delightful experience and produced new friendships amongst the students. The Challenge concluded with presentations of projects from each team, and parents, teacher, as well as the students – the waiter and waitresses of the evening – to enjoy pizza, warm tea and fruit juices after the session. It was an amazing experience that challenged the students' minds and has allowed them to reflect on their role in a team, as well as the amount of teamwork they contributed to conclude with a solution for the project. The Science Challenge had definitely proved that the role of Science and Mathematics in society is highly significant and essential for the development of the world.

Chanel College Awards Evening Thursday 24 October 2013

Thursday night 24 October we hosted our first Awards Evening to celebrate the achievements of our students. It was tremendous to see so many of our students being acknowledged. I would like to thank Mrs Jo-Anne Sheather, Jakob Perrett, Luke Sweeney and Jess Ahrens for showcasing their talents and entertaining us. I have received many positive comments about the evening and I would welcome any other feedback. A full list of Award Winners was presented in our 30 October 2013 Newsletter.

COLLEGE DUX was presented by Fr John Grace, Diocesan Administrator, to Sarah Baade.
YEAR 11 DUX was presented by Mr Stephen Dale – Assistant to the Director, Southern Schools, to Kane Langdon.
YEAR 10 DUX was presented by Mr Stephen Dale – Assistant to the Director, Southern Schools, to Morgan Lewis.
THE CULTURAL AWARD was presented by Mrs Michele Chapman, Co-curricular Coordinator to Jess Ahrens and Jakob Perrett.
CALTEX BEST ALL ROUNDER AWARD was presented by Mrs Robyn Jurd - President of Chanel College P and F Association to Elizabeth Bishop.
ADF LONG TAN LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK AWARD for Year 12 was presented by Mrs Jessica Ryan-Salter to Georgia Fry.
ADF LONG TAN LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK AWARD for Year 10 was presented by Mrs Jessica Ryan-Salter to Anke Bezuidenhout.
THE MCANDREW FAMILY MOST IMPROVED STUDENT AWARD was presented by Mrs Kym McAndrew to Luke Sweeney.
NRG VOCATIONAL PATHWAY AWARD was presented by Mr Steve Lewis, Manager Major Projects NRG to Savanna Kennedy.
VOCATIONAL EDUCATION STUDENT OF THE YEAR was presented by Mr Andrew Carswell and Mrs Lyn Carswell to Katie Sullivan.
CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS was presented by Mr Mark Davis, PE Teacher, to Breeanna Fedalto.
CQU REX METCALF LIFELONG LEARNING AWARD was presented by Ms Wendy Ibbotson, Representative of Central Queensland University to Chamindi Rosayro.
THE BEVAN AND KERRY ROSE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING EFFORT was presented by Ms Geraldine Dyer, Deputy Principal, to Kristopher Kennedy.
THE PAMELA WHITLOCK SENIOR VISUAL ARTS AWARD was presented by Mrs Alison Wales, Assistant to the Principal Pastoral Care and Planning, to Jakob Perrett.
SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY BURSARY - ROTARY CLUB OF GLADSTONE was presented by Mr Glenn Schumacher to Cooper Bradley Woods.
THE STEPHEN STRACHAN BURSARIES were presented by Mr Stephen Strachan of Engineers Queensland to Emily Mannion, Georgia Kelly, Anne-Marie Van Duin and Louisa Fewtrell.
QATSIF SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Georgia Fry, Mason Larcombe, Callum Ross and Michael Larcombe were congratulated by Aunty Jacqueline Johnson
AURIZON NATIONAL HUMANITIES AWARD was presented by Andrew Neven, Yard and Mini Cycle Manager to Sarah Baade.
THE QUEENSLAND ALUMINA LTD BURSARY was presented by Mr Mike Simons, Health and Safety Manager Managing Qld Alumina to Madeline Stevens and Jack Smith.
GLADSTONE PORTS CORPORATION BURSARY was presented by Ms Trina Schmidt, Corporate & Employee Relations General Manager, Gladstone Ports Corporation to Jessie Varker.
GLADSTONE REGIONAL COUNCIL BURSARY was presented by Councillor Ren Lanzon to Mariahne Skelhorn.
THE MARGARET MacFARLAN BURSARY was presented by Mrs Sophie Kenny, McAuley House Coordinator, to Benjamin Quinn.
THE CARMEL AINSWORTH MEMORIAL BURSARY was presented by Mrs Jo-Anne Sheather, MacKillop House Coordinator, to Peter Jarzebak.
THE WILLIAM GOLDING MEMORIAL BURSARY was presented by Mrs Wendy Marsh, Stella Maris House Coordinator, to Morgan Rideout.

Congratulations to all recipients.

kane morgan

2013 Japan Trip - September 2013

japanFollowing an exciting itinerary, it was inevitable that our wonderful staff and students of Chanel College would have a memorable Japan Trip. From modern Disneyland and Universal Studios to the traditional Asakusa and Miyajima, fifteen students and six staff experienced the contrasting faces of Japan.

With accommodation in ryokan, minshuku, youth hostel and hotel, we spent the full seventeen days of the October holiday travelling to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Takayama, Kyoto and Osaka.

Negotiating planes, trains, buses, ferries, trams, trolley buses, cable cars and the odd rickshaw we even managed side trips to share our food with the deer at Nara and Mt Misen and the monkeys at Arashiyama.

There were too many highlights to name as each day was packed with different experiences. Although we travelled together, we operated as small family groups so the students could ensure that their staff member did not get lost!By the time we arrived at the spectacular Kyoto station we decided it was time the taller boys had a photograph with them at the front rather than their usual positions at the back. The Universal Studios sign generally summarized our feelings about Japan – let's hope we can all “Come Back Soon”!

Chanel College Awards Evening Thursday 24 October 2013

The inaugural Chanel College Awards Evening will be held on Thursday 24 October commencing at 6.30 pm in the Marian Centre for Years 8 to 12.  This new format will replace previous dates on your calendar. Original dates on your calendar were November 15 and December 3. Please amend your school calendar to reflect this.

Planning for 2014

Planning for 2014 is well underway.  We would appreciate it if information regarding any student who is not intending to return to Chanel in 2014 could be provided in writing to Ms Dyer at the College office by Friday 20 September, the last day of Term 3.

We do appreciate that as the year progresses, family circumstances may change, for example moving to another town.  It would be appreciated if you could advise Ms Dyer in writing as soon as you have information available.

Year 8 The Oaks Trip - September 2013

The 2013 trip to The Oaks was an absolute blast with students and staff taking the time out toOAKS build and strengthen relationships on the peaceful northern tip of Facing Island. The day began with a 7:45am ferry ride from the Marina across the harbour and towards North Entrance. Even though there was a fresh 20 knot south-easterly blowing up the harbour it was not enough to wipe the smiles off everyone's faces as students explored parts of the vessel's three levels proving the old proverb that it's as much about the journey as the destination.

Upon arriving on 'the Island' we quickly set up day camp and hooked right into a range of fun team building activities in House groups and combined this with some down time where students were able to have a free swim and socialise in the idyllic beachside setting.

A nature walk followed taking students across to the eastern side of the island through the tranquil Allocasuarina or sheoak trees to the eastern beach where students could explore the fascinating rock pools, sand dunes and experience the wonders of coastal geography. A highlight of this section was Mr. David 'Irwin' Fisser's rescuing of a juvenile Green Sea turtle from where it had been trapped in between rocks with the outgoing tide. Mr. Fisser carried the trapped turtle back to the ocean where it was finally able to return to its natural environment and swam off happily. Another highlight was Mr. Galea's discovery of a burst, washed up weather balloon where he gave an impromptu science lesson to students about what they are used for and where it may have come from.

Not long after returning to the western side of the island the ferry was spotted and it was time to pack up and head home. Overall a great day was had by all and special thanks to Mrs. Sophie Kenny who was our chief organiser for the day and Mr. Galea, our 'tour guide'. Thanks also goes to Mr. Gilbert, Mrs. Ryan-Salter, Mrs. Muschamp, Mrs. Allen, Miss Tannock and Miss Brischke and Mr. Fisser who all attended and helped make the day successful and enjoyable.
Please see Photo Gallery for trip photos

Year 8 Mount Larcom Trip - August 2013

MT LARCOMLast Wednesday and Friday the year 8's tackled the annual Mt Larcom Climb. The weather was perfect for the trip and the students had a great time. After a few early hiccups the students hit their straps and made it to the summit in quick time. The views over Gladstone harbour were spectacular, we could see north all the way to Great Keppel Island, Mt Archer and the Berserker Ranges and Bustard Heads to the south. Below are the thoughts of a few of the students that attended.

“The Mt. Larcom trip was inspiring and exciting for the people who have never been there. We had a few tumbles and slips up and down the mountain As we reached the top the sight was amazing” Patrick Cullen

“The Mt. Larcom trip was one of the best excursions that I have ever been on. It was a good time to get to know others and to face your fears” Dawson Frost

“I thought it was an awesome day to go climb Mt Larcom and also a good day to meet new students in grade 8. It will be a day that I will never forget” Anonymous

Thanks to the Parents that also attended.
Please see Photo Gallery for trip photos

National Science Week - August 2013

The Winning Team!!science
Last week, Australia celebrated National Science Week in all its different forms. Here at Chanel College, we had a Chemistry Challenge where students from each Pastoral Group had to build a model of Sucrose using lollies as atoms and toothpicks as covalent bonds. The winning team took just over 13 minutes to complete the task and their atomically correct model is shown here. The winning team comprised of Lexie Viner, Illona Handley and Matthew Reynolds. Well done to all teams who competed on the day. All models were promptly devoured after completion!!

Aurecon Bridge Building Competition - August 2013

bridgeOn Friday 2 August, nine enthusiastic Year 8 and 9 students (3 teams) attended the culminating event of the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition. The students made a commitment in Term 2 to work as part of a team to research, design and construct a bridge using supplied materials and by following a design brief. Teams were judged on their bridge design, technical aspects, construction, appearance and how much of a load the bridge could withstand before breaking! This year was the 3rd year that the event has been held in Gladstone. In the past Chanel students have been successful in this competition, and this year was no exception with the all-girls team winning the ‘Innovation Award’. Along with the recognition of their innovative design they won a $50 Coles Myer Gift Card each and $500 for the College. The experience was enjoyed by all. The Year 9 students are disappointed that they cannot attend next year, and the Year 8 students are looking forward to returning next year. Congratulations to all three teams!

Chanel College Music Ensembles Tour 15-18 August 2013

Congratulations to the Chanel College students who participated in the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival during the Music Ensembles Tour 15-18 August. Great results were achieved at Villanova College for the Concert Band who were awarded Bronze, playing Creed and Final Countdown and Drumline, under the leadership of Jess Ahrens, who received Silver. At nearby St James’ Church the Choir received a Silver Medal after singing beautifully. The adjudication was enlightening and we also spent time watching other groups perform. This year’s celebration dinner was at Pancake Manor and we also relaxed at Dreamworld and enjoyed the Kransky Sisters concert at the Brisbane Powerhouse. The ‘Top of the Tour’ evening revealed hidden talents of students and staff. After the many hours of rehearsal, Ms Sheather and all the musicians were justifiably proud of their performances.
Please see Photo Gallery for tour photos

Mr Kubota visits Chanel College 1 August 2013kubota

Mr Kubota, traditional mask maker from sister city Saiki, Japan, visited Chanel students Thursday 1 August 2013. What a great day for our students as they were treated to beautiful music as well as learning some steps of Mr Kubota's masked dance. Many students were lucky enough to learn the art of making masks first hand with Mr Kubota.

Year 11 Biology Camp - 25-27 July 2013

Year 11 Biology Camp was spent in the beautiful Eurimbula National Park. Below you will find recounts of the trip by some of the students.
Jennifer Thwaite - Senior Marine Studies & Biology Teacher

Day 1 - Arriving
On the first day of Biology camp we each took a 2 hour drive to Eurimbula National Park and then to Busted Beach Camp grounds. It was an interesting experience observing everyone putting up their tents. We took a walk down to campsite 11 as disappointment circulated in the air, Emily had forgotten her tent poles.
We strategically placed ourselves in well working groups for each transect. After this, we were briefed by Mr Wild who taught us how to do certain methods. We walked to the mangroves and that's when the sand fly bites, bruises and cuts began. When placing the measuring tape at the start of the transect, the sand at the water's edge began to collapse beneath Mercedes' feet almost ending her in a landslide fall into the water.
Having down time the whole afternoon, we ventured to the beach, fishing, taking photos and eating lots of food. Showers were an interesting and embarrassing experience for those who forgot to put there solar showers in the sun. Baby wipes were everyone's best friend. Cooking dinner was an event of trial and error. We think Mr Fisser won the title of who could eat the most not being able to say no to the kids who wanted to share their food.
The fire was a bonding experience with everyone gathering around to tell stories and roast marshmallows. Emily couldn't dodge the smoke, every time Miss Thwaite fanned the fire.
(By Sadie, Belle, Izaac, Maddy and Emily)

the larcDay 2 - The LARC
On day two of biology camp we went on the LARC. It was really educational learning about the history of the area and learning about the bird life as well. We went to the lighthouse and were spooked out by all the mysterious deaths that occurred, but also learnt about the history of the lighthouse and how it was made. After the lighthouse we voyaged to the sand dunes and went sand boarding down very high dunes, and landing in water which was the highlight of our camp. It was hilarious to see people stacking when going into the water. After our freezing trip home soaking wet on the LARC we finally reached the camp site and got ready for the Eurimbula Cup Quiz (a long seated tradition of
11 Biology camp) which was following that night. After a heated competition against our class mates, “Eurirm-bros” gained glory and was award the Eurimbula Cup.
By far one of the best days we've ever had. (Sarah)

Day 3 – Collecting more data
Another day dawned on Day 3 with the usual smell of Dilmah Tea and boiling Oriental Noodles coming from the direction of Tom's tent. After breakfast we headed to the beach to continue conducting biological testing of the Beach and Forest transects, gathering important data and information. Even though everyone was tired and grumpy we trudged through the thick forest and completed our work. We then packed up our immense amount of camping gear and impatiently waited for our parents to pick us up to go back to Gladstone for a hot shower and a soft bed. (By Justin, Scott and Harrison)
Please see Photo Gallery for Camp photos

Year 12 Marine Studies Camp - July 2013

Year 12 Marine Sudies Camp was spent on beautiful Great Keppel Island. Below you will find recounts of the trip from some of the students.
Jennifer Thwaite - Senior Marine Studies & Biology Teacher

Boating and survival day
During marine camp we learnt how to drive a boat as part of our assessment. We also learnt many valuable skills like making a figure 8s, reversing, anchoring, launching on and off a beach and rescuing a ‘man over board’.  As a group we were given a scenario where the boat was sinking in waters that were infested with hungry sharks.  We had a limited amount of time to rescue twenty people off our boat safely onto the mainland.  (Nick)

One of my favourite days was the “Day on the Bay’ trip over to Great Keppel Island in which we applied what we’ve learnt in Marine Studies to plan a day trip.  We could plan whatever activities we wanted!  I loved snorkelling and getting up close and personal with the marine life. Seeing how diverse the marine ecosystem was enlightening and I felt very grateful to be able to witness such a beautiful reef up close. The kayaking up Leekes Creek was phenomenal and was both relaxing and invigorating. Learning how to properly steer kayaks while learning about the wide range of marine life found in the mangrove estuaries was a rewarding and educational experience. We also ran into two American students who were sent from their University in Colorado to observe the impacts of LNG in Gladstone as well as the surrounding islands and areas. It was so strange knowing that our local town of Gladstone was taking the interest of researchers on an International level.  (Luke)

On the camp we learnt how to use the VHF radios correctly. The way that you talk into them was quite different to how you would normally talk to people. If you wanted to talk to the kitchen to ask what was for dinner you would not go, “Hey Scooby Doo what’s for dinner?” You instead would go “North Keppel Kitchen, North Keppel Kitchen, North Keppel Kitchen, this is Mobile Kris, Mobile Kris, Mobile Kris, what is for dinner? Over.”
We really enjoyed learning about the Aboriginal people that had lived on the island for 4000 years.  We saw what they used for fishing such as a fish hook that was made out of a shell and some fishing line made from hair. The most interesting part of their culture was seeing the individual burial dolls each person had that was sort of like an ancient birth certificate.  (Callum, Jack and Kris)

On Tuesday night we took a trip on the boat around Considine beach to do a plankton trawl.  The plankton we caught would glow when we ran our hands over the trawl net.  We later went back to shore to look at them through the microscope where we discovered many different life forms including zooplankton.  On Wednesday afternoon we went on an intertidal walk with our teachers and the North Keppel staff.  We found sea cucumbers, crabs and even a tube worm.  Along our walk we came across a wall of rocks.  Bill, one of the North Keppel staff, told us that it was the remnants of a traditional aboriginal fishing trap.  (Jakob and Jordan)
Please see Photo Gallery for Camp photos

Marcellin Rubbish Blitz - 16 May 2013 marcellin

rubbishLast week Marcellin House led by its Delegates Georgia Fry, Laurie Alexander and Adrian Cousins Blitzed! the school in 5 minutes to collect six large bags of rubbish. The students worked together in Pastoral Care Groups to pick up all the rubbish that they could see. This was brought back to Lavalla Court to compare. Marcellin House Coordinator, Ms Jessica Ryan then talked about how it's very important to respect our beautiful school and to make the place we learn and play in a clean and healthy place. The delegates decided that this was such a success that Marcellin would blitz the school twice a term for the rest of the year. You Go Marcellin!!




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