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"Back to Chanel" WINE & CHEESE EVENING - Friday 3 June 2016

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Year 10 Hospitality - February 2016

On Friday 19 February the Year 10 Hospitality Students with Mrs Lynn Herbert and Ms Going visited the Yaralla Sports Club Encore Restaurant in Gladstone. The students were there to learn about Buffet preparation, temperature control of food, types of food used, portion control, dietary restrictions, staff duties as well as patrons’ food allergies and much more. The students were fortunate to have a meal and try out the buffet’s hot and cold foods as well as the sweets.




Dr Damien Kee comes to Chanel College - 16 February 2016
On Tuesday 16 February, Dr Damien Kee came to Chanel College to brainstorm and assist the students in Years 8 and 9 with their robotics programs. With the Year 8 class, he really pushed the students into building advanced Arduino circuits that could perform tasks that they had never attempted before. With the Year 9 students, he entertained them with robot programming and discussed the incorporation of specialised sensors with the robot platforms.
Damien also spent time with staff and refined their programs and assisted in adding content for extension work later on. He also discussed pathways for incorporation into Year 10 programs. A great day was had by all and many thanks go to QMEA for their time and funding of this very important field of study.

Mr David Fisser
Science & Digital Technology Curriculum Leader

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Cafe Chanel - 2 March 2016

Valentines Day Celebrations - February 2016

Love was certainly in the air on Monday as we celebrated Valentine's Day. It was great to see the Year 12 embracing the Valentine's Day spirit in their wonderful costumes, and even better to see all the students smiling faces as they received their Valentine's Day gifts. The event was a great success with many roses, cards and chocolates given out and a wonderful selection of love songs playing throughout Lavalla Court. Thanks to all the Students who participated on the day and who gave up their time out of school to make this year's Valentine's Day so enjoyable!
Student Leadership Team

National Youth Science Forum - February 2016
I am Isabella Aitkenhead and I am in Year 12. I previously attended Session A of the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in February 2016 in Canberra. NYSF was a memorable and advantageous experience which not only greatly impacted me as a person, but as a student. NYSF was a way to improve my people skills and further my education involving STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math). There were approximately 200 students who attended session A. This allowed the social skills of each student to improve drastically. I experienced a trip to parliament house, lab visits to CSIRO, wore waders and took water samples in the lake at the University of Canberra. I was able to experience living as a University student on the campus of the Australian National University. I have made strong connections with many other like-minded students across Australia and have networked with several of Australia's leading scientists. The highlight of the forum was being able to socialize with these experienced scientists and attend the lectures which they presented. The National Youth Science Forum was an experience from which I have gained a lot of key life skills and one that I will never forget.


A Crucial Night for Parents - 25 FEBRUARY 2016

David Kobler
David is a dynamic and gifted speaker with an intense passion to reach and empower young people to lead fuller, more positive lives. David has enjoyed a dynamic career as a full time Youth Minister and has an extensive background in developing, refining and delivering youth programs.

He is a young husband and father of two young boys. He continues to create a meaningful impact in the lives of young people and parents across the world. His continued tertiary theological studies and immense knowledge and research on issues relating to teenagersmeans students and parents now have an ever greater opportunity to gain valuable life tools from each seminar.

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Thursday 25 February 2016 - 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm (Marian Centre Chanel College)
RSVP: Monday 22 February 2016
Vicki Crick 4973 4700
Chanel College Office



Pool opens 8.30 am
Roll marked 8.45 am
Events begin 9.00 am
Carnival finishes 3.00 pm

If possible all students are to be dropped off (8.30 am) and picked-up (3.00 pm) from the Pool. If students are unable to organise transport directly to the pool they are to come to Chanel. You will be taken to and from the pool by the Chanel Bus. In the afternoon all students that need to catch buses from Chanel College will be returned to the College in time to do so.

All students must be wearing their House shirt and a wide brimmed hat  (no singlets allowed)

        • Shorts must be appropriate for a Swimming Carnival (board shorts allowed).
        • All students Must wear sunscreen throughout the day (this will be supplied for you)
        • Footwear must be worn while entering and leaving the pool (thongs are acceptable).
        • String bikinis are not appropriate wear for a College swimming carnival

Wide brimmed hats
must be worn all day.
Your hat must be on your head as you enter the pool otherwise you will be sent back to the College by bus to collect your College hat.

Very limited food is available from the Canteen.  Students are encouraged to bring their lunch and snacks.

  • Bring water bottle


Competitive 50m Races
- Only students wishing to go for Age Champion need to swim in these races

  • NO heats – all competitive races are FINALS (fastest time overall from all competitive swimmers in the age division will get the points for first place).

   Participation Races
- all students can compete to earn 1 House point
- will be held after the competitive race for each age division
- students can use floaties for these races


Parents and/or spectators attending, will be required to pay the pool entrance fee of $2.70 before entering the pool facility. 



A Crucial Night for Parents - 25 FEBRUARY 2016

David Kobler
David is a dynamic and gifted speaker with an intense passion to reach and empower young people to lead fuller, more positive lives. David has enjoyed a dynamic career as a full time Youth Minister and has an extensive background in developing, refining and delivering youth programs.

He is a young husband and father of two young boys. He continues to create a meaningful impact in the lives of young people and parents across the world. His continued tertiary theological studies and immense knowledge and research on issues relating to teenagersmeans students and parents now have an ever greater opportunity to gain valuable life tools from each seminar.

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Thursday 25 February 2016 - 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm (Marian Centre Chanel College)
RSVP: Monday 22 February 2016
Vicki Crick 4973 4700
Chanel College Office

Wednesday 10 February 2016 - Marian Centre, Chanel College

Year 10 - 6.00 pm
Year 11 - 7.00 pm

All parents and students are strongly encouraged to attend this evening to ensure that they are up to date with important curriculum information and are aware of the opportunities available to students at Chanel College.

We look forward to seeing you on this evening. If you have any questions, please contact the College on 4973 4700.


East Timor Immersion - September 2014

On Wednesday 17 September seven Chanel students; Tom McCarthy, Jacques Fermier, Natalie Seif, Brittany Mann, Kelsey Smith, Annaliese McGuire and Hugh Bradley Woods under the guidance of Mrs Mills, Ms Derepas, Mr Davis and Mr O'Mara will begin their two week East Timor Immersion Experience, when they fly out of Gladstone.
The students will be immersing themselves in the lives of the people in the remote mountain village of Baguia, East Timor. They will experience the reality of life as it is lived by the majority of people in our world: without running water, with little access to electricity, basic accommodation and facilities, limited choice in food and with very limited phone access and no internet!
They will make the four hour walk to the Aleita School to meet with the children, teachers and parents. This school is made of split bamboo, has a dirt floor with lengths of bamboo for seats and desks – a far cry from what our students have at Chanel. Over the past years, Chanel College, lead by Marcellin House have made financial contributions to the cost of building a new school, which is now well under way, and our students will return with photos of the progress of the school.
At Assembly next Monday there will be a Commissioning Rite for the team going to East Timor and all are welcome to attend.
We wish the students, and the accompanying staff, God's speed and a safe trip.

East Timor Immersion - September 2014

Year 9 Manual Arts Students have been busy making puzzles for the East Timor Immersion. What a great way to show our support!

Biodiversity Day - 26 August 2014

On 26 August, 9 students from Year 9 went on a day excursion to see the translocation process used in moving cycads from the LNG pipelines. Students were hosted by QMEA and were able to record much data on the cycads which had been relocated. It was interesting to hear the various guest speakers talk about the success rates, age of plants and the interaction between industry and ecology. An excellent day was had by all after a very early start. Shown here are some of the students in the bush, finding cycads and then recording useful information regarding cycads.



Pastoral Care Representatives - September 2014

At the last Whole School Assembly our College community welcomed two new Pastoral Care Representatives. David Shaw (McAuley 2) and Demi Lisle (MacKillop 4) were presented with their official badges by Miss Volp. Following this presentation David and Demi read the Student Leaders' Pledge to the assembly. Congratulations to both students on being chosen to represent their Pastoral Care Class at the Student Representative Council meetings.




Cybersmart Presentations - August 2014

On the 28 August, Greg Gebhart from Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) presented four workshops to our students, staff and parents. Students from Years 8 – 10 were informed about the biggest online risk factors including identity theft, uploading photos and keeping safe online. Staff and parents were advised of potential online threats and ways to assist and support our students.
Greg advised our students about being positive bystanders and to have zero tolerance to bullying by reporting it immediately. Students were shown and informed of some of the potential dangers involved with their social media accounts.
Greg offered advice on uploading photos to Instagram and being careful about what you put online, as it may affect your future. He also discussed some useful Apps and knowing your phone's IMEI number (*#06#) which is required if your phone is stolen. I am sure that our students, staff and parents received many worthwhile tips about keeping safe online.
Thank you to Greg from ACMA for his insightful presentations and to the parents who supported this workshop.

I would like to thank Greg from ACMA for his informative parent presentation on keeping children safe online. It is scary how technology is moving so quickly and, as a parent, I struggle to keep up with what the kids are doing online and the possible consequences and dangers of it. Greg discussed cyberbullying, the pitfalls of social networking and the different apps that are now trending amongst kids. I left the presentation more aware of the consequences and dangers in cyberspace and it provided me with the knowledge to sit down with my own children and discuss what they too have discussed in Greg's class presentations that day. Thank you also to Alison Wales for arranging yet another informative speaker to visit Chanel and educate our children and the parents.
Parents - Peter & Liz Hagedorn

Last week a guest speaker came to Chanel College to speak to us about cybersafety on social media and cyberbullying. We have had many talks on cybersafety through both primary school and high school but this one stood out to be one of the best. He had us on the edge of our seats learning about everyday things like hackers and real life events. At the end of the presentation he told us that he would be having a parent session later that night and to tell our parents about it and convince them to come. During the presentation I remembered him telling us about things that my Mum would be interested. So when I got home I told her all the tips but wasn't able to explain it as well as the guest speaker so I told her about the night and she went. One of my friends had 14 hackers on her Facebook site. This shows that these talks can actually be useful and it is good to listen to them and actually pay attention.
Year 8 Student - Sophia-Rose Flanagan

The Cybersmart talk we received last Thursday was one of the most informative and factual talks we have had yet. It explained to us not just the Social media side of online harassment but also the ways hackers can get into your accounts and take details from your bank accounts. They can even steal your whole identity, just from a birthdate!! From this he gave us ways to stop this from happening and what to do if it did happen. He showed us a special setting on Facebook, to see if there were people in our account. Later that day a friend of mine checked her account and it had someone from New York in her account! If you haven't seen this Cybersmart presentation it is one certainly to see one day.
Year 9 Student - Abi Meehan

The Cyber Smart program was highly informative and presented aspects of our online lives we have never before considered. The true possibilities of how people can learn about us through systems we weren't even aware were active on our online accounts, while daunting, are necessary. The importance of the information given to us was truly insurmountable to our safety and it proved to be a big wake up call to quite a few of us. We are thankful we had the opportunity to listen to this talk.
Year 10 Student - Lilanthi Wild

Service to the Community - Buddies Day - August 2014

Buddies Day on Sunday 24 August was a great success. Fourteen “Little buddies” were guided by eleven “Big buddies” as they participated in Mini Olympics. After throwing javelins, discuses, hammer throw and running a relay with egg and spoon, it was time for a quieter activity of feeding the ducks and turtles. Many thanks to our big buddies for giving their time and energy to help younger members of our community to have fun in a safe environment and thank you to their parents, for supporting and encouraging your children to be involved.



National Science Week Activities - August 2014


This week, students at Chanel College have been involved in a few specialised scientific activities this week as we celebrate National Science Week. All the Year 9 students were invited to recite the first 20 elements of the Periodic Table and winners (1 from each class) were rewarded with slabs of chocolate. Shown here are Aiyshwarya Chandrasekara and Sidney Blake who were first to recite the elements from both the 9 A and 9 C classes.


On Wednesday, Students across the College were invited to partake in a rocket building competition using film canisters and Alka Seltzer tablets for fuel. Both Ashleigh MacGregor and Ailey O'Brien were the outright winners with an impressive launch height of 1.5 metres! Well done to the girls from Year 10 who actually beat a group of Yr 12 boys who study Physics!
A lot of fun was had by all.






News from the Mathematics Department - July/August 2014

Term three is the big term for the local Mathematics Competitions and 2014 is no exception. On 23 July, two teams of Chanel Senior Students competed in the Senior School Mathematics Tournament held at Toolooa State High School. Our two teams came third and fourth respectively out of the ten teams represented. Congratulations to Noel de Torres, Harrison Madge, Scott Randle, Kane Langdon, Thomas McCarthy, Brittany Mann, Geethu George, Emily Parker, Antonia Uini Paulo and Samantha Reynolds on a job well done.
Monday, 28 July, saw ten Year 9 and 10 travelling to Tannum Sands State High to compete in the Middle School Maths Tournament. Again these students performed very well and were placed third and fourth in the competition. Congratulations to James Hilder, Matthew Lynch, Rhiannon Baxter, Rebecca Lyden, Lilanthi Wild, Declan King, Alex Botica, Abi Meehan, Courtney Ambrose-Robinson and Morgan Mathison.
Most recently on Tuesday 5 August two teams of six students did their college proud at Gladstone State High competing in the QAMT Maths Quiz. A very enjoyable evening was had by students and parents alike. Congratulations to Georgia Haigh, Lachlan Pacheco, Kieren Conway, Ainsley Childs, Grace Graham and Cara Collins.
I was very proud to attend all these competitions and witness these true ambassadors for Chanel College.

Titration Competition - August 2014

Six senior chemistry students competed in the CQ Schools Titration Competition. Two teams comprised of three students competed separately to determine the concentrations of six unknown solutions. Out of ten schools from Moura, Bundaberg, Rockhampton and other towns in Central Queensland, both Chanel College student teams made it into the top 4. Chanel Team No. 2, made up by Geethu George (Year 12), Cooper Simper and Morgan Lewis (both Year 11), was placed 4th with a standard variance in their results of 0.0000113. My team, Chanel Team No. 1, made up by Scott Randle, Johnton Oost and Tom McCarthy (all Year 12) was placed 1st in the competition on account of the accuracy of our results. With a variance of 0.00000027 (which is very small), we were the most accurate contestants, however due to calculation errors, we were given 2nd place and are finalists. The next step for our team is to participate in another competition in October (hopefully with no calculation errors this time!)
by Thomas McCarthy

The Pajama Game Musical was a Hit! - August 2014

Congratulations to all of our students and staff who were involved in the production of the Pajama Game last week. It was fantastic! If you didn't get a chance to come along and see it, you really missed a great night out. There were many staff who assisted behind the scenes to make this show a success, from the ladies in the office who were managing ticket sales and marketing to the staff who provided props. A special “Thank You” to Mrs Chapman, Mrs Kenny, Mrs Sheather and Miss Barbagallo who spent countless hours planning and in rehearsals to provide the students with this opportunity.

Science Update - August 2014

Click here> to read our latest update from
Year 11 Student, Erlina Mohamed Syazwan - Science Ambassador

One Punch Can Kill

Throughout Retreat week, all Year 11's attended a “One Punch can kill” seminar at CQU. Mr Ross Thompson, general manager of the Queensland Homicide Victims Support Group spoke to Chanel students over a two day period. This seminar focused on alcohol and drug fuelled violence, especially for the 14-18 years age group. There was a particular focus on the impact this has on not only the victim but all those around them, including the perpetrators. The suffering from one single action is described as “The Ripple Effect”, as it ripples through all those close to the victim. Mr Thompson has personally suffered deeply from the Ripple Effect, having lost two family members to violence. He gave a very moving presentation highlighting the need to prevent violence in society.

“It was a very eye-opening presentation, on a prevalent issue which impacts so many individuals, more than I could believe.”
- Alexandra Dickinson, Mc1

“It's amazing to think that one punch could ruin the victim's life and yours”
- Hayden Oliver, Sm4

“It is frightening just how many people suffer at the hands of violence, but to see how it has actually impacted someone's personal life in such a way was really touching.”
- Morgan Lewis, M5

Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Michael McCarthy - 29 May 2014

ordThursday 29 May in Rockhampton was the beautiful celebration of the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Michael McCarthy. This was a historical and significant event in the life of our Diocese. Mrs Alison Wales and Ms Sharon Volp accompanied seven students and it was a privilege to be there and represent Chanel. Kelsey Smith had the honour of being one of three secondary students to welcome Bishop Michael on behalf of the students of the secondary colleges. At Monday's assembly Noel De Torres, Jacques Fermier, Courtney Hamilton, Toby Guinea, Morgan Lewis, Hugh Bradley Woods and Kelsey Smith shared their experience of the Episcopal Ordination. We also distributed the special prayer card that has been prepared and prayed for our new Bishop as a community. We look forward to welcoming Bishop Michael when he visits us.

Year 12 Life Skills Classes - June 2014

Throughout the term students have been studying the unit Risk, Rave and Relationships. The unit is designed to assist Year 12 students with their making of responsible choices in areas such as the party culture, relationships and sex. This unit's focus is on planting seeds to ensure that they consider consequences before actions rather than develop the false hope that nothing bad could ever happen to them. Stacey O'Gorman (Solicitor) addressed all of our Year 12 students about Alcohol, Sex and the Law. Students were advised of their legal rights and responsibilities. Throughout this informative presentation our Year 12 students were able to interact, clarify and question the topics delivered.


2014 Interhouse Athletics Carnival

The Interhouse Athletics Carnival for 2014 will be held Thursday 26 June & Friday 27 June.
We had an excellent response to the online athletics nominations process last week. After a few technical glitches, it was all systems go. I am hoping from this response that the carnival will be a massive success. Students will receive information about event times through their PC Teachers on Monday. Parents are very welcome to attend and support their students at the carnival.

2014 Interhouse Athletics Carnival Program >

National Evangelisation Team (NET) – Billets Urgently Needed

The National Evangelisation Team will be in Gladstone 18 - 21 August this year and for two of the days they will be presenting to our Year 8 students. While in Gladstone, they will be requiring accommodation for 3 nights – 18, 19 & 20 August - and we are looking for volunteers to billet these young people. The Team has both male and female members and in the past they have preferred to be billeted in twos or threes. If you are able to help, by providing food and accommodation for the NET members, please contact Mrs Hore at the College ASAP.

Botanic to Bridge - Sunday 17 August 2014

botanicThe Botanic to Bridge event is back on this year, Sunday 17th August. Registration is now open for students, parents, friends and families to enter the 8Km or 3km races. This is a fantastic fundraising opportunity for the College as well as a fun way to participate in community health event. The registration fee for school aged children is $10, whether entering as an individual or as part of a team. The entire $10 registration fee for children is returned to the school. Parents can nominate their child's school to ensure $5 from their adult registration is returned to the school.
Registrations Open – Tuesday 10th June 2014
Registrations Close – Thursday 14th August 2014 at 8pm
Event Day – Sunday 17th August 2014

Chanel College Musical Competitionpajama

Fancy yourself a designer? Well "The Pajama Game" needs YOU! Design a pair of pajamas for our leads and you could see your creations on stage!
Open to all Chanel College Students. Entry forms can be found on the student site. Entries close July 18.
See Miss Spollen for more details.



Ecoman Program Champions - June 2014

ecomanThe ECOMAN program is an intensive three-day program fully sponsored by the QPEC (QPEC is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to inform and educate young people about the central role and constructive contribution of enterprise in our society) and locally hosted by LBS Chartered Accountants. Here, students work with other students, staff and industry mentors to run their own coffee machine companies and compete with other schools over three days.
Ecoman is designed to simulate the operations of a medium size manufacturing company over a 4 year period. It gives a good appreciation and insight into how a company works, how all aspects of a company impinge on it success or failure and how a company interacts and competes with other companies in a competitive market environment.
Business concepts such as strategic planning, financial accounting, cost management, sales and marketing and human resource management are introduced and explained in simple terms and then these concepts are reinforced through the operation of the company. Each person is appointed a position.
Recently Chanel had 5 students attend and compete in this competition. Cameron DeAgostini, Lachlan James, Emily Nahrung, Milton Redshaw and Jacob McDermott were successful in their team and won the competition. They are to be congratulated on their teamwork, focus and presentation within the program. Each took on business roles relevant to a company and quickly learnt of the necessity to work together to be successful in this environment.
We also thank LBS Chartered Accountants for providing their conference room and catering over the three days. The students were certainly well fed and thankful for being given the opportunity of competing within the confines of a working business. Sue Miles (Business)

Chanel Speling Chalinj - 11 June 2014

Do you think this sounds like fun? For the spectators, maybe. For the contestants it was nail-bitingly, nerve-wrackingly stressful. With representatives from Pastoral Care groups in all five mighty Houses, from fresh Year 8s to experienced year 12s, they gathered at the home of Speling: Lavalla Court. Luck was with some students who were asked to spell names of popular cities and diseases; others left the arena after attempting to deal with atrocious words like chaise longue, sittella and glockenspiel. Ben Felix, widely considered as a possibility to win this year, fell with 'oboist' and his McAuley team mate, Mc1's Connor Rose, with his superb rendition of 'cyclical' was duly declared victorious in the 2014 Chanel Speling Chalinj. Wel dun, Connor!



Love Bites

love biteslove bites






Chanel College Student's 'Love BiTES' artwork is now proudly displayed at Gladstone Art Gallery, Gladstone Library and the Gladstone Police Station Foyer. I would like to thank the students for their massive effort, for their courteous nature and for actively participating in the program. I would like to encourage family and friends to drop by and see the displays which will continue for the next couple of weeks. I am so happy that the students are now part of the campaign to raise awareness and prevent Domestic and Family Violence in our community.
Vicki Dredge - Gladstone Police Sergeant

Defence Force - June 2014

Last week, Chanel College welcomed three Defence Force personel to talk with Year 12 female students who may be interested in a future with the Defence Force. The discussion was around ADFA, Enlisting, joining Special Forces and Administration. ADFA also offers the study of Civil Engineering. There was much discussion of life in the military. Our visitors were impressed by how much our students were aware of the various programs available to them. They were provided with useful information on the application process.


QMEA - Students Expand Their Minds - May 2014

Gladstone State High School played host to 48 high achieving Year 9 students 29 May where the young minds competed in a number of friendly Science and Engineering based challenges all related to the minerals and energy sector. Chanel Cllege was represented by 13 of these students who excitedly joined in on all the challenges.
The Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA), in partnership with APLNG, GLNG and QGC, saw the companies' engineers and graduates work side-by-side with students on the challenges that focus on all aspects of the engineering discipline.
QMEA Project Officer, Tammy Grady said that the day is a perfect taster for students wishing to enter the fields of Engineering and Science. 'A number of the challenges have been designed by those working in the industry and have a real world aspect to them,' Tammy said.
‘These are challenges which engineers work with each day, so for our students to be given the chance to replicate them and work with LNG staff is just fantastic,' Tammy added.


Senior Hospitality Luncheon - May 2014

hospitality1hospitalitySenior Hospitality is a combined class of Year 11 and 12 students working towards achieving a Certificate II in Hospitality. The main focus of the course is Food and Beverage Service with a competency in Food Production. On Tuesday 27 May the students completed an assessment project of a simulated restaurant. For six weeks the students have been planning, trialling recipes, practising table settings and serving customers. The students chose a theme of Rustic which guided their ideas and choices. The Year 11s worked on the main meal concepts while the Year 12 students focused on the desserts, invitations, menus and general restaurant concepts.
On the day we were able to have Chef Dan Bennett (a Freelance Chef) join the students in the kitchen to assist with food production and plating ideas as well as time and work flow. This enabled me to work with the Front of House and service students on the room set up etc.
The tables were set with a hessian runner, bright yellow miniature watering cans and yellow flowers. The menu was an alternate drop with mains being either Fillet steak in prawn and white wine sauce or chicken roulade stuffed with spinach, prosciutto and sundried tomato, both served with sweet potato en gratin and steamed bean bundle; dessert being either sticky date pudding in caramel sauce or apple orange tart, both served with vanilla ice cream. Gluten free clients were served a chocolate, almond, walnut cake.
Sue Going - Hospitality Teacher

Red Shield Appeal - May 2014red shield

Our Year 11 students were given the opportunity to make a difference for others in our community when they doorknocked for the Red Shield Appeal last Thursday. All students are to be commended for their appearance and conduct while they represented Chanel in the wider community. Together they raised over $620 - a great effort and thank you for a job well done.




Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Michael McCarthy - May 2014

bishopOn Thursday 29 May in Rockhampton was the beautiful celebration of the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Michael McCarthy. This was a historical and significant event in the life of our Diocese. Mrs Alison Wales and I accompanied seven students and it was a privilege to be there and represent Chanel. Kelsey Smith had the honour of being one of three secondary students to welcome Bishop Michael on behalf of the students of the secondary colleges. At Monday's assembly Noel De Torres, Jacques Fermier, Courtney Hamilton, Toby Guinea, Morgan Lewis, Hugh Bradley Woods and Kelsey Smith shared their experience of the Episcopal Ordination. We also distributed the special prayer card that has been prepared and prayed for our new Bishop as a community. We look forward to welcoming Bishop Michael when he visits us.


Year 7 to Secondary 2015

Preparations are well under way for the Year 7s to join Chanel in 2015. The introduction of Year 7s to Chanel is not only a major change for the Year 7s, but also for all of our community. It is important for us to ensure that both the Year 7s and Year 8s feel welcomed and have their own special experiences of commencing secondary school.
Over the next few months we will be sharing information regarding our preparations and changes that will impact on the whole community.
One of the main questions that has been raised is “where are we going to put them?” We have conducted a room audit and there are classrooms available. We will be providing additional seating in Lavalla Court and our experience on Chanel Day showed that we will comfortably fit in the Marian Centre.

From 2015, Years 7 – 9 will be identified as the Middle School. Years 10 – 12 will be identified as the Senior School. Therefore students in Year 10 next year will be wearing the white shirts for their formal uniform.

Year 8 QAL VISITORS - May 2014

qalWeek 5 all Year 8 Students had two visitors from QAL. We learned about Bauxite and the processes involved in extracting Alumina from Bauxite. It was great to have actual samples passes around and feel the difference between the various grades of Alumina. We also learned how a focculant reacts with the minerals to make a sediment that would settle at the bottom of the cylinder. We enjoyed the experience and found it very interesting.
Year 8A



QMEA It's All About ME Day - May 2014

qmeaLast Thursday a large group of Year 10 girls went to the QMEA day which focused on educating young girls about options within the minerals and energy sector. With girls from Gladstone SHS, Toolooa SHS, Tannum Sands SHS and Chanel College all attending, the day was a fun, social and informative learning experience. The girls received talks from successful women within the mineral and energy sector, as well as participated in numerous fun activities that broadened their perspectives about the industry.
The aim of the day was to give the girls successful role models to whom they could look up to and also to give an example of how women could succeed in a traditionally male dominated industry. Activities on the day included dropping eggs from balconies – without them breaking, drug-testing, talks on different industry pathways, a very popular photo booth and some interesting aluminium objects – including chocolate.
The day was an overall great experience which everyone learnt from. One of the activities was also learning how to prepare for a job interview – something we would all use in the future. All the girls also learnt which courses, traineeships and apprenticeships to complete to make our way into the minerals and energy industry, whether it was becoming an engineer or a writer for the company.
Written by Siobhan Samuelson and Kate Sisley



A Crucial Night for Parents - 28 May 2014

David Kobler
David is a dynamic and gifted speaker with an intense passion to reach and empower young people to lead fuller, more positive lives. David has enjoyed a dynamic career as a full time Youth Minister and has an extensive background in developing, refining and delivering youth programs.

He is a young husband and father of two young boys. He continues to create a meaningful impact in the lives of young people and parents across the world. His continued tertiary theological studies and immense knowledge and research on issues relating to teenagersmeans students and parents now have an ever greater opportunity to gain valuable life tools from each seminar.

Please see Newsletter for more information on his session.

Wednesday 28 May 2014 - 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm
RSVP: Monday 26 May 2014
Vicki Stewart 4973 4700
Chanel College Office

BOND Mooting Competition - May 2014

mootingLast Thursday, Rochelle Barber, Sarah Coleman and Demi Lisle competed against Rockhampton Girls Grammar in a Moot at Rockhampton's Old Supreme Court. A Moot is a legal argument based on a prescribed set of facts. Mooting is designed to teach and test a range of intellectual and practical skills, and to give participants an insight into the operation of the legal system. Moots simulate as closely as possible, the operation of a real court where students present a legally researched case to a judge. The students spent a lot of time preparing for this competition and their efforts paid off. The students participated in the competition for a scholarship to attend BOND University. Although, we do not yet know if we won against all participating schools in the Rockhampton Region, the Judge was very impressed and told our students they had raised the expectation for Year 11 students. The girls represented Chanel College with modesty and integrity. Well Done!


Youth Excellance Award - May 2014

harrisonHarrison Madge was presented with the "Youth Excellence Award" by Agnes Water Surf Life Saving Club on the weekend. The award is for excellent contribution to Patrol, Competition & spirit of Lifesaving by a young Lifesaver. This is a huge achievement for him as he gives up an enormous amount of his time to patrol. He also received 1 of only 5 medallions given out at the Club for patrolling over 40 hours for the season. This season Harrison also did his first rescue of a young man caught in a rip at Agnes. Congratulations Harrison on a fantastic achievement.



Water We Doing Here? - May 2014

waterOn a sunny May 13, the Year 11 Chemistry class visited the Gladstone Water Treatment Plant, providing a clear visual depiction of their current syllabus about water. They were fortunate to be guided by the Superintendent In-charge, Sara, who gave a tour around the site according to its procedural orders. First of all, we were invited to a conference room, where Sara delivered a talk about the general process and aim of water treating, before proceeding to observation sites. Each step of water treatment is complex and supervised from the control room, where the students were given special privilege to access. Students were exposed to the coagulation and flocculation systems, filtration, DAFF (Dissolved Air Filtration Flotation) sites and fluoridisation. Our Year 11 Chemistry students have expanded their perspectives on water from this excursion and developed a better appreciation for the water they consume every day.

Erlina Mohamed Syazwan - Year 11 Student
Science Ambassador

Year 8 for 2015 Enrolments

Offers were posted to all families who have completed the enrolment process in the last week of last term. To secure your place for 2015, please ensure that paperwork is returned to the College Office by Friday 16 May 2014

A Crucial Night for Parents - 28 May 2014

David Kobler
David is a dynamic and gifted speaker with an intense passion to reach and empower young people to lead fuller, more positive lives. David has enjoyed a dynamic career as a full time Youth Minister and has an extensive background in developing, refining and delivering youth programs.

He is a young husband and father of two young boys. He continues to create a meaningful impact in the lives of young people and parents across the world. His continued tertiary theological studies and immense knowledge and research on issues relating to teenagersmeans students and parents now have an ever greater opportunity to gain valuable life tools from each seminar.

Please see Newsletter for more information on his session.

Wednesday 28 May 2014 - 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm
RSVP: Monday 26 May 2014
Vicki Stewart 4973 4700
Chanel College Office

Anzac Dayanzac

Chanel students proudly showed their support for the various ANZAC Day Services around the region. The choir sang beautifully during the Dawn Service in Gladstone which was attended by approximately 6000 people. Thank you to Mrs Sheather for the fantastic job she did preparing the students and to Miss Barbagallo for conducting them on the morning. Thank you to the students and staff who participated in the marches at Boyne-Tannum and Gladstone; you were wonderful ambassadors for the College.



kane3District Finals of the Lions Youth Public Speaking Competition - March 2014

Kane Langdon provided some witty but also tragic information about Children's Nursery Rhymes and was equally impressive during his two impromptu speeches.

Kane is to be warmly congratulated on his achievements – he is a wonderful ambassador for Chanel College!


Red Cross Blood Donation Drive2blood

Term 2 will be the commencement of the annual Red Cross Blood donation drive. Each year our Futuna Delegates act as Red Cross Ambassadors recruiting students to donate blood. This is also an educational role teaching people about the importance of donating blood. If parents or older siblings are already regular donors you can sign up for "Team Chanel" in the Club Red Competition.


"Peter Pan" a huge success! - March 2014

After seven performances to packed houses, Chanel College staff and students can be justifiably proud of their efforts in this fabulous show. Alongside other cast members selected from 18 schools in the Gladstone area, the Chanel actors, singers and dancers showed immense talent and delighted their audiences. Juggling their school responsibilities with rehearsal and performance commitments was a huge challenge but one which these students managed with maturity. Congratulations to all involved!peterpan
Pictured: Ben Felix as Captain Hook, Peter Jarzebak as Mr Darling, Delaney Burke as Wendy, Rhiannon Evans as Liza the Darlings' maid, Monique Poli as Nana the Darlings' dog, Lexie Viner as Pimms, Connor Kenny & Bianca Aird as Pirates, Madeline Dooley, Jade Webb and Lauren Chittick as Peter Pan's Lost Boys, Sophie Ovenden & Lucy Perrett as Mermaids, Londoners and Lost Boy acrobats, Ms Michele Chapman (stage manager) and Mr Matt Jensen (assistant stage manager).



Harmony Day and National Day Against Bullying and Violence 2014

bullyingOn Friday, 21 March our students celebrated Harmony Day and National Day Against Bullying and Violence. Our students came together and participated with great enthusiasm to help build awareness and create a sense of belonging for all.
Harmony Day is a day of cultural respect in our community. Students created a chain of paper dolls that resemble our multicultural society. This allowed our students to learn and understand how all Australians from diverse backgrounds equally belong to this nation and enrich it.
National Day Against Bullying and Violence gave students a chance to take a stand together and say no to bullying and violence. The seniors set a great example for our students by wearing shirts with anti-bullying slogans. In Pastoral Care, the students participated in activities that taught them different types of bullying, what do to if you are being bullied and the consequences of bullying. We also took time to revisit the College's policies that create a safe environment for all our students.
The day was a successful effort due to the positive and open-minded attitude of all our students. At Chanel College bullying is not tolerated nor is cultural, racial, or religious intolerance. The day promoted respect, fairness and a sense of belonging for all in the community.



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Join the Parenting Ideas Club here:

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Chanel Person of the Year

Download Nomination Form Here

Preparations are underway for Chanel College Day which will be held on Wednesday 21 May. I have great pleasure in calling for nominations for the Chanel Person of the Year.
The Chanel Person of the Year is the Principal's Award. A previous principal, Brother Roger Burke, started this award and it is a tradition that has been maintained by the Principals since that time.
Recipients of this award have given outstanding service to the College Community over an extended period of time. It is not easy to reach the standard required to achieve this award.
We owe it to all those who have previously received the award to make sure that the high standard of the award is maintained, to not do so devalues their contribution.
To achieve the award a person must meet all of the criteria for the award.

The criteria are as follows:
* The person must have completed their time at the College.
* A current member of the College community must have nominated the person. The nomination must be in writing and address all of the criteria other than those relating to financial commitments.
* The level of service must have been extraordinary, significantly above that offered by other members of the community.
* The service must have been of a benefit to a significant proportion of the College community.
* The level of service must have been maintained over a significant number of years.
* The person must have consistently acted as a positive ambassador within the College and wider Community.
* The person must have worked cooperatively with the College administration.
* The person must be a Christian role model that others can be encouraged to emulate.
* The person must not have any outstanding financial commitment to the College.
* The College must not have any outstanding financial commitment to the person involved.

Because of the nature of some of the criteria the decision is not open for public debate. The Principal's decision is final and binding.
Nomination forms are available from the College office. The decision will be based on the nominations received by the closing date, which is 4.00 pm Monday 28 April 2014

2014 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence
Take a Stand Together 21 March 2014

BULLYOur College has registered again this year to participate in the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, being held nationwide on Friday 21 March. Tomorrow our students will be involved in various activities to raise awareness of and celebrate the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence at Chanel College.
The National Day of Action is a day where school communities across Australia, Take a Stand Together against bullying and violence.
Chanel College is dedicated to creating supportive school environments, free from bullying, harassment and violence. By working together at Chanel College, we are sending clear messages to young people that bullying and violence, in or outside of school, is not okay - at any time.
Chanel College's Anti Bullying Procedure is outlined on Page 18 of the Student Organiser. Throughout the year we conduct a number of Anti-Bullying sessions with all year levels. Next week our Year 8 students will participate in a 2 hour session with their Pastoral Care Coordinator. On 19 June Year 9 students will attend a workshop by Stacey O'Gorman (Solicitor) about bullying and social media. On August 28 students in Years 8, 9 & 10 will attend the Cybersmart presentations. A parent and staff session will also be held after school by the Cybersmart presenters. In Term 4 students from Years 8 & 9 will complete another session about cybersafety/bullying just before the holidays.
The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence is a major activity organised by Bullying. No Way! ( The Bullying. No Way! website offers practical resources and information to help students, parents and schools work together against bullying, harassment and violence.

Year 7 for 2015 Enrolment Applications Open - Monday 17 March 2014

Enrolment Applications for Year 7 2015 have opened. Please collect an application package from the College Office. An Information evening will be held 29 April 2014 at 5.00 pm. Enrolment Applications close Friday 16 May 2014. If you have and questions please call our Enrolments Officer Mrs Alison Whitehead on 4973 4718.

Headspace 4 Gladstone

headspaceMcAuley 4 Students have been working hard to obtain signatures to show our support to the Government by petitioning to get a Headspace 4 Gladstone.
Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation. Established in 2006 with funding from the Commonwealth Government, Headspace is a world-first initiative that fills a gap in the system by treating young people who have mild to moderate mental health issues. Headspace helps young people who are going through a tough time. For some young people the challenge feels too great, with suicide the leading cause of death among young people - higher even than traffic accidents. To find out more about headspace nationally and to sign the online petition, visit:

Please show your support by signing a petition before March 29.

Gladstone NEEDS a headspace. Mackay, Rockhampton, Hervey Bay all have a headspace. Gladstone NEEDS a headspace!

Defence Force Visit - 14 March 2014

defenceThe Defence Force visited Chanel College on Friday 14 March. Captain Jess Boyd and Corporal Sally Holland visited Chanel and talked with 44 students from Year 10, 11 & 12. These students were interested in all three areas of the Defence Force, Army, Navy and Air Force. Some students were interested in ADFA and also on how the Defence Force assists with University.
Also mentioned was the 12 month Program. This offers experience with no long term commitment. All information is found on their website Captain Boyd congratulated the students on their attendance, interest and behaviour. Well done Chanel!






kaneLions Youth of the Year Quest - 15 March 2014

Congratulations to Kane Langdon who won the regional final of the Lions Youth of the Year Competition last Saturday night. Kane's impromptu topics were on “The World's Greatest App” and “Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover”. Kane was awarded the Public Speaking Award and the Overall Award. Kane now progresses to the District Final which will be held on Saturday 29 March. We wish Kane all the best for the next stage of the competition.



P & F Annual General Meeting - 19 March 2014

I extend an invitation to all parents to the P and F Annual General Meeting which is to be held on Wednesday 19 March at 5.30 pm in the College Office. All positions have been declared “open”. Therefore we are searching for enthusiastic people to take on positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each year families contribute money to the P and F in lieu of fundraising activities. This is your opportunity to put forward your ideas on how to best spend this money in order to benefit the College Community. Please come along.

Ms Sharon Volp

Ride2School - 19 March 2014

rideWednesday 19 March 2014 marks the eighth National Ride2School Day, where over 250,000 Australian students, just like yours, will ride, walk, scoot or skate to school, many for the first time.
National Ride2School Day is about celebrating active travel within the school day and encouraging those who haven't started to give it a go. Students who rode, walked, scooedt or skated to school on 19 March were awarded House Points for their House. Over 100 Students and Staff participated.



Defence Force Visit - 14 March 2014

The Defence Forcing will be visiting Chanel College on Friday 14 March at 12.00 noon. They will talk to students from Year 10 upwards. Students interested will need to put their name down with Mrs Mellor prior to the talks as names need to be given to teachers for class absences. If students are interested in Army, Navy or Air Force or even interested in ADFA they need to attend. You gain vital knowledge from these talks that prepare you for enlistment and university pathways.

Mercy Health & Aged Care Alliance - 11 March 2014

mercyOn Tuesday 11 March, Chanel College in alliance with the Mercy Health and Aged Care, Central Queensland launched a new Career Support Program for the students of Chanel College.
Many of our students seek careers in the Health Industry and the careers available in this industry are many and varied. From Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health [Speech Therapy etc], Hospitality, Tradespeople, Social Workers, etc, all working together to provide quality service to their clients.

To support students seeking a career pathway in this industry, Chanel College is partnering with Mercy Health and Aged Care, Central Queensland to provide a comprehensive support program for students as they pass through their journey at Chanel College. The program commences to all students in Year 9 and then will be rolled out with different aspects of the program through Year 10 – 12.
The program commenced with Presentations at the College to all our Year 9s from Mr Peter Comerford, Executive Officer of the Mater Misericordiae Hospital Rockhampton and Sister Marie Duffy, Executive Officer, Mission Integration, Mercy Health and Aged Care, Central Queensland.

The next part of the program will be Career Cafes at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital Gladstone. These will be taster visits for the students in all facets of the Health Industry.
· Dates have been set for 22 May, 28 August and 16 October.
Student will be divided into 3 groups and will attend 1 of the visits throughout the year.
· Career Cafe will go from 9.00 am to 11.00 am
· Looking to engage students in interactive/hands on activities where appropriate
· Students will be able to participate in a tour of the hospital

Later in the year we will be taking interested Year 9 students to Rockhampton to explore careers in Aged Care. Plans are then in motion for 2015 to have our Year 10s to be involved in Work Experiences. Then in 2016; 2017 for Structured Work Placements.

We are very excited to be partnering with Mercy Health and Aged Care, Central Queensland and we are very grateful for the time they are dedicating to ensure that this project is a success.

Pictured Above:
Deb Wright - Acting Director of Nursing Gladstone Mater Hospital
Sister Marie Duffy - Executive Officer, Mission Integration, Mercy Health and Aged Care, Central Queensland
Mr Peter Comerford - Executive Officer of the Mater Misericordiae Hospital Rockhampton
With some of our Year 9 Students

2014 Combined Schools Musical Production - March 2014

On Tuesday 25 March all Year 8 and 9 students will be attending a matinee performance of “Peter Pan” at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre. This 2014 Combined Schools Musical Production features a number of Chanel College students including Ben Felix as Captain Hook, Delaney Burke as Wendy, Peter Jarzebak as Mr Darling, Monique Poli as Nanna and Rhiannon Evans as Liza, the Darling family's maid. Also in the cast are Bianca Aird, Lauren Chittick, Connor Kenny, Jade Webb, Lexie Viner, Sophie Ovenden, Madeline Dooley and Lucy Perrett as Pirates, Mermaids, Lost Boys and Indian Braves.
This is a show packed full of fun and excitement; fabulous music, dancing, singing and acting.
Permission letters will be sent home soon.

Interschool Chess - February 2014

chessThe first round of Interschool Chess was held at the Central Queensland University on Wednesday 19 February. Chanel was ably represented by four teams. All students competed enthusiastically and were fine representatives of the College.
Team Purple (Aaron Fahey, Aishwarya Chandrasekara, Kyle Stevens and Zac Good) were the most successful on the day, with not only a first place in the teams competition, but with Aaron Fahey, Aishwarya Chandrasekara and Kyle Stevens also coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the individual competition.
Second place in the Teams Competition went to Laura Kane, Cameron DeAgostini, Brock Ramsay and Toby Guinea under the banner of Team Chrome.
Our two other Teams were. Team Futuna; Hugh Bradley Woods, Trey Keyworth and Anjana Ehret and Team Green; Richard Cook, Maia Van Duin, Jake Mellor and Jose Solitario.
Congratulations to all students on their display of good sportsmanship, intellectual rigour and cooperative behaviour.

Paula Staunton
Humanities Coordinator

GRIP Student Leadership - February 2014

gripOn the Friday of Week 4, a group of House Delegates travelled up to Rockhampton to participate in the GRIP Student Leadership Conference. Lots of interesting things were discussed, such as how to successfully fundraise, how to organise activities and other parts of leadership roles. Students from many different schools, such as Toolooa and Trinity College, as well as a multitude of schools from other towns and cities all over the region, participated in the event which ran all day at the Rockhampton Leagues Club.
The day was divided into 5 portions – one block of lectures followed immediately by morning tea, an elective session, lunch and then one last session. Elective subjects included fundraising, lessons learned from Nelson Mandela and Cathy Freeman and how to maximise involvement in activities. As well as these main periods, there was also a so called 'Loud Noises' session; a chance to further relax and, perhaps more subtly, learn leadership lessons and communication.
All in all, it was a successful event, (which came to a climax with Mrs Ryan-Salter dancing), and taught many valuable leadership lessons which will be implemented at the school in future.
by Ben Felix Yr 12

Lions Youth of the Year Quest - February 2014

Congratulations to our College Captain, Kane Langdon.

We are pleased to announce our 2014 Club winner is Kane Langdon from Chanel College. Kane won both the Public Speaking section and the Club Final. He will now proceed to the next level of the Quest, the Regional Judging, to be held at Boyne Island on the 15 March 2014.

The Lions Youth of the Year Quest is a project of the Lions Clubs of Australia supported by thelions National Australia Bank. Each District of Lions Clubs hosts a competition that is open to students in Years 10 to 12. The Quest looks for those with strong leadership skills, community involvement and a high level of academic achievement. From club level, the Quest proceeds through Regional, District and State Finals to the National level with major prizes for the eventual winner.
Students complete an entry form listing their achievements and goals and submit it to the Lions Club. Throughout the day of the competition, entrants individually attend an interview with the judging panel. In the evening, the students are asked two impromptu questions and are expected to talk for two minutes about the subject. They then deliver their 5 minute prepared speech. All of this is done in front of family and friends, teachers, Lions Club members and of course, the judging panel.
The calibre of entrants is always very high, and this year has been no exception. On Saturday 22 February, The Gladstone Port Curtis Lions Club hosted 6 students from 3 high schools, and it was such a pleasure to see these young people rise to the challenge of Public Speaking. Their answers and speeches were very interesting and we know they will all do well in their future endeavours.
Gladstone Port Curtis Lions Club wishes Kane and all other Quest entrants all the best for the Regional Final.

Michelle Sandland
Youth of the Year Quest Chairman

Year 12 Marine Studies Camp - February 2014

keppelOn the 10 – 13 February the Year 12 Marine Studies classes went on a trip to North Keppel Island. We learnt a lot things on the trip such things as the fact that the ocean gives off 70% of the oxygen in the world. The things, that were found difficult, were getting up early and the amount of sand that would get in your bed, making it uncomfortable and getting over the fear of heights when jumping off the top of Gundoo Spirit (the boat that took us everywhere). A picture that would be taken from the trip would be all the different scenery that we saw during our time on the island like the coral at Big Peninsula.
Matt Campbell

I had a really good time on NKI. I learnt that there are no cane toads on North Keppel Island and that 70% of the Earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean. With all the positives on the trip there were also some challenges I faced, one of these being the wake up times. I was used to sleeping in to about 7.30 am but the 6.30 am change was definitely a challenge. Another challenge was the amount of time between the meals as I was very hungry from the day's activities. Wreck Beach was unquestionably a beautiful sight to see and if there was to be one picture that I would take away with me from the trip it would be the picture of Wreck Beach. I would like to thank Lee, Andrew and Rodger and all the staff on the island for making it a fantastic trip
Justin Cridland

The most significant thing I learnt on this camp was how to tie off anchor knots properly, the diversity of plankton in the ocean and looking through the microscopes and identifying all of the different organisms at their earliest stage in life. Learning about the past of North and Great Keppel was very interesting and all of the tribal traditions and methods that they used was also very interesting. I really enjoyed letting off the flare when the Coast Guard came to visit on a day.
The most challenging part of the trip was snorkelling with small flippers, getting extreme foot cramps and really bad ear and headaches from duck diving to the bottom of the reef when we went snorkelling.
A photo to remember was on top of the dune in Butterfish Bay looking over the horizon of Great Keppel and up the Capricorn Coast.
Jordan Holzberger

Apple (good thing):
I learnt many things on my Marine Studies trip. One of the many things I learnt was what to do in an emergency situation on a boat, and how to calm myself. Also Skipper taught me about the radar and what it can do. Also what I should do if the engine caught on fire. I also learnt that the internet wasn't that important to me while I was away in a beautiful camp. Also how to drive a boat and how to fish!

Onion (bad thing):
The surrounding insects and animals, I was terrified of snakes, stingrays and sharks and swimming in waters infested with them was a big challenge for me . I found it challenging to control a boat and fishing for the first time was challenging but very rewarding.

Photo (most memorable):
My photo that will be in my memory of North Keppel Island, was the view from my veranda. It was peaceful and the sounds of the ocean and the waves crashing onto the shore.
Thanks Mr. Galea for the amazing trip.

Sarah Al-Askari
(PS the waters were not infested with snakes, stingrays or sharks….just to put everyone's minds at ease.)

Year 12 Marine Studies Camp at North Keppel Island was quite an exciting, exhilarating and helpful camp. Throughout the camp we learnt many different aspects of Marine Studies; one that was especially helpful was the skill of boating. As well as the camp providing us with many opportunities to learn a variety of different things, it provided us with many challenges too. One of which was especially challenging was the copious amounts of mosquito’s and sandflies that live on the island. Aside from that, this camp was the best I've ever been on; there were many great memories such as snorkelling, fishing, kayaking and bushwalking. However the one memory that I will remember for a long time was the beautiful scenery and serenity that North Keppel Island boasts.
Cooper Lems

Year 7 for 2015 Enrolment Applications - February 2014

Year 7 for 2015 Enrolment Applications open on Monday 17 March. Visits to the Year 6 classes will be arranged during that week. The Year 7 2015 Enrolment Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 29 April with Year 7 Enrolment Applications closing on 9 May.

We appreciate that our enrolment processes are very early this year, however there is significant planning that needs to occur in preparation for the arrival of Year 7 at Chanel so your assistance with meeting our timelines will be greatly appreciated. We do appreciate that family circumstances may change during the year, so please contact Alison Whitehead, Enrolments Officer, at Chanel College with any concerns.

Year 8 for 2015 Enrolments - February 2014

We hosted a very successful Year 8 for 2015 Enrolment Information Evening on Monday 17 February. Thank you to the staff and students who assisted with tours and displays on Monday night. A reminder that Year 8 2015 Enrolments close on 28 February. It is very important that families submit their enrolment applications to the office by this date, so that enrolment interviews can be arranged for Saturday 15 March. Application packages were distributed to students in the Catholic Primary Schools earlier this term and packages are available from the Chanel College Office.

Opening Mass - February 2014

We enjoyed a wonderfully uplifting Opening Mass this morning after which we acknowledged and congratulated our Pastoral Care Representatives for 2014. These students have been nominated and elected by their peers to be the student voice in the College. We are looking forward to the Student Representatives Council's contribution to “Let's Make a Difference” during 2014.
The Pastoral Care Representatives for 2014 are:


Music Ensemble Leaders
Mrs Chapman also announced the Music Ensemble Leaders for 2014 and they were presented with their badges.

Congratulations to:

Peter Jarzebak & Maia Van Duin: Choir Leaders
Noel De Torres & Siobhan Samuelson: Concert Band Leaders
Ashley Fisser: Woodwind Ensemble Leader
Brittany Mann: Drumline Leader

Marist Student Leaders Gathering - January 2014
by Kelsey Smith

maristOn Friday the 24th of January, the College Captains and Vice Captains of Chanel were accompanied by Mrs Wales to Marist College Ashgrove in Brisbane to attend the Marist Student Leaders Gathering of 2014. The Marist Student Leaders Gathering is an annual event that is hosted by Marist Youth Ministry on behalf of Marist Schools Australia. It was a three-day gathering which provided a unique environment for student leaders from Marist Schools across Queensland to encounter and be equipped to live out leadership in the Marist way.
We had a wonderful time meeting other like-minded students from Marist Schools all across Queensland and sharing our ideas and goals for 2014. We learnt very valuable information and gained a lot of insight on how to lead as Jesus did and what the true meaning of leadership is.
Thank you Miss Volp for allowing us to go and for attending our special Mass and Dinner on Saturday night.
I would like to acknowledge and thank the organisers of this fantastic event and I would like to especially thank Mrs Wales for taking the time out of her holidays to accompany us to Brisbane and allowing us to take part in such a valuable experience.

2014 Australia Day

tallisCongratulations to Tallis Stanhope Year 8 Student who was awarded 2014 Australia Day Young Sportsman. A great achievement for this outstanding young man.



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