Master Plan for the Future Development of Chanel College



6 August 2015 -
On Friday the College Leadership Team will be involved in the “start up meeting” as we enter into the construction phase of Stage 1. There will be some major disruptions to access to the College, due to the re-development of the College car park. We will communicate this information as soon as possible.

23 July 2015 -
It's nearly the end of Week 2 of term 3 and our building projects appear to be on track.
I am expecting word next week on exactly when the works will start on the redevelopment of the car park. It is anticipated it will be around the week beginning 10 August with works taking approximately 8 weeks. There will be major changes to the entry and exit to the College at this time. We are currently working on a traffic management plan which I will communicate to all members of our community as soon as we are clear on the details. The safety of our students is paramount during this building period, so I would ask for full cooperation from our community in following signage directions. I would also ask parents to seriously consider delaying their pick up time by 10 minutes in the afternoon to assist the traffic flow out of the College grounds. This is definitely going to be a case of a “short term pain for a long term gain”. The new car park will address a major community concern regarding parking and will ease the traffic congestion issue at the end of the school day.

The new administration building will be built opposite the existing administration building. This facility will house most of our teaching staff, school officers and the Leadership Team. It will also include improved sick bay facilities for our students and interview spaces for parents. It is anticipated that this will be completed early in Term 1 of 2016.

The new Industrial Technology and Design (Manual Arts) building will involve the re-development of our existing Art and Music centre in the Mercy Wing and will include an extension to this building. This building will include woodwork and metalwork facilities, a product development room, computer room for Graphics and digital technology and an area to safely secure our College bus. It is hoped that this will be ready for the commencement of the 2016 school year.

The “flow on” effect for this is that the Art and Music areas will need to be temporarily relocated. Music will be moving into SM101 and Visual Art will be moving into 5 Paterson Street, a property adjoining the College. The long term view is that the existing Manual Arts facility will be refurbished to provide a new Arts Precinct.

The extension to the Chapel will start in Term 4, which will increase the capacity of the Chapel and make it more prominent feature as we enter the College.


28 August 2014 -
In keeping with the theme of planning, the last two days have been very exciting as we have been working through the Master Plan Charrette Process. It has been fabulous to see the engagement of students, staff and parents as the planning has started to come together. A special thank you to those parents who have come along to both consultation afternoons – we really appreciate it!

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Invitation to Participate - Chanel College Master Planning Charrette

I wish to invite you as a member of our community to participate in the review of the Master Plan for the future development of Chanel College.
As a result of the State Government initiative to incorporate Year 7 into Secondary Schooling it is necessary for the College Community to come together to consider the future needs of the College and plan how they will be delivered.
The College has engaged a group of leading planners and designers to undertake an innovative and consultative process called a Charrette.
Over three days, from Tuesday 26 August to Thursday 28 August these designers will establish themselves in the school to conceive and design in place the future physical development of the school.
To achieve the very best outcomes, the Design Team wishes to consult the College Community to ascertain the needs, expectations and aspirations of Parents, Students and Staff.
The Charrette Process is open and transparent and the designers will work intensively over three days in part of the College Library for all to see the plans develop and be critiqued.
A number of formal opportunities have been programmed for consultation with the College Community.
Firstly, and most importantly on Tuesday 26 August at 5:00 pm a meeting will be held in the McAuley Wing MC102 & 103. At this meeting, the Charrette Process will be explained in detail and a consultation to ascertain the community's expectations of the physical infrastructure needs of the College. This session is most important and everyone who is interested in influencing the future direction of the College should attend this session.
On Wednesday 27 August between 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm the designers will hold an Open Studio in the Library to explain and critique the evolving design concepts for the College.
All are welcome to participate in these sessions.
Finally, on Thursday 28 August from 4:30 pm to 6.00 pm in the Marian Centre, a final presentation will be made to the College Community of the design proposals for the future planning of the College.
I strongly encourage you as a member of our College Community to participate in this exciting, innovative and consultative process to ensure the very best outcomes for our current and future students.

Sharon Volp

The Student consultation was very successful today. Please come along and give your input tonight.


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